Ideas come from everywhere

‘Do you have kids?’ they asked in the cosy Brussels restaurant that summer evening. Two funky Canadians on a business trip sitting next to us. ‘We have 5, well actually, 2 plus 3. Aged between 9 and 20. Four boys, one girl. ‘ These gentlemen did not seem any bit surprised. ‘Oh, you mean that you are a blended family’.

A blended family. What a wonderful choice of words. It makes you think it can actually work. A mum and a dad living together with a bunch of kids that might have another mum and/or dad, are not always living in the same house, and that actually enjoy each other now and then.

In reality, some days are great, and some days suck. As in any other ‘normal’ family. Humor helps a lot in our blended family. Accepting differences and letting go of perfectionism does to. Fostering good relationships with your the other parent is essential.

What I know for a fact, is that sharing experiences with other mums, dads and kids helps you put things in perspective. Thank you Canadian gentlemen for giving me the idea to start this blog. I’ll share a couple of my experiences in a blended family now and then. Please let me know yours.


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