About us

Elke Jeurissen professionalI am Elke (42), married to Jo (50). We live near Brussels, the capital of Europe. Married for 4 years, we do our best in (co)raising 5 kids, 4 chicken (of which only 1 is left) and 5 sheep.

Caro (9) is the youngest, loves tumbling and ballet and is always in for a good discussion (also when we aren’t). She has a half-brother Christophe (22), the best dancer I know, that lives with their dad. Maxime (13) loves to draw, build houses and cities in Minecraft and plays hockey. He looks like the spitting image of his dad, and has a half-brother Joachim (7) that always makes me laugh. Daan (16) plays football and is very popular with the girls. Arne (19) fixes everything broken around our house and is in his first college year. His lovely girlfriend Pauline (17) is the most curious girl I know. Maarten (21) stops in every now and then, when he is not busy organizing parties for his fraternity or exploring Europe.

Together, we try to make our blended family work. That is, when I am not busy in my consulting company Glassroots. You can find my professional profile on Linkedin and follow me on Twitter @elkejeu. Let me know your thoughts!



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