Don’t start a new series on Netflix!

Man did he look handsome in his first suit! Spitting image of his dad one could say. 18 year old Arne getting ready for his first oral exam ever at university earlier this week. And he passed the test, both for fashion and for ‘Introduction to economic sciences’. Proud of you man!

Things did not always look so bright at school though. Arne is gifted with great talents. He is the guy who can kickstart a conversation with anyone he meets, has a great sense of humor and can fix everything that’s broken around our house in a second. But structure and planning is not a number one priority on his list. However, planning does help if you want to make it through higher education.

His older brother Maarten is the exact opposite and a super-planner. Well, I guess you need that if you are president of the student fraternity, scouts leader and 4th year student physiotherapy all at the same time. Maxime (13) and Daan (17) are still in high school and start to understand the impact of planning their study efforts on their grades. But they need to be pushed to plan their work. A little help along the way never hurt anybody, did it?

Besides plan ahead, what else can you do to get that diploma? As the world is not exactly the same as it was 25 years ago, I asked them. Here’s the advice our kids would give to students today.

  • Do not start a new tv-series on Netflix just before the exam period. You will not be able to resist the temptation to watch it;
  • Blocking the internet is not an option! We need it to study;
  • If the volume is just too much to handle, take a gamble and make a choice. You might get lucky at the test;
  • Avoid distraction by cellphones & txt messages by studying with a few in the same room, or at the library;
  • Make sure your mum or dad make enough pancakes, cookies, cakes and other stuff so you have a great break.

Do yo have any other useful tips? I’ll be happy to add and share them.

Happy studying!


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