The place has wifi, right?

‘We are going to Copenhagen’. Silence.

‘You know, that great city in Denmark’. Even more silence.

In a nutshell the table conversation we had a year ago, when we announced our summer family vacation destination. Zero enthusiasm around the table. One could complain about that. Or one could be happy how polite and respectful our 5 kids are for not nagging or complaining.

Planning summer holidays, most of you probably have not even thought about it yet. In our blended family, January is the time. It starts with finding a few days when every member of our family is actually free. The two oldest are at university, with exams that can last until July 10th, and with a bit of bad luck, can start again mid August. Three of them like to do vacation jobs, preferably a whole month to gather enough pocket money for their own trip with friends, one they also want to plan during that same summer. A few summer camps to plan for the youngest ones, be it football, hockey or horseback riding. After all, my husby and I have to work most of the summer and we cannot leave them alone, can we? Anyway, you get the picture.

Once the dates are set, in comes the choice of destination. Here’s how we do it. Throughout the year, we talk to the kids about a few destinations we would like to go to. Pure egoism, if you like. We get a sense of what they react to and how they feel about the idea. Of course, pointing out that they will have their own bedroom, be able to go out at night, have a swim in nearby water of some kind helps. The most important question that pops up however is the following:

The place has wireless internet, right?

If the answer is yes, all other activities will be just fine, the house or hotel does not really matter, nor does the country or city. So save yourself the time of having long discussions about your holiday destination and forget about democracy. Choose wherever you want to go, make sure it has wifi, and just book your trip! By the way, all 5 of them loved Copenhagen! So much they even actually forgot about the wifi. As for this Summer, Stockholm here we come !

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